Thursday, January 26, 2006


One of the hardest things I've ever had to do
After you walked out of my door
Is realizing I don't love you
And I don't need you anymore
I set myself up for heartache
I let my precious guard down
There wasn't much more I could take
While you ran wild all over town
Please believe I never meant to hurt you
I never wanted to say our goodbyes
Be we do what we have to do
I just couldn't stand the lies
All though I did love you once
I've let you go for now
It's been a tough last couple of months
But I've made it through somehow
It's a hard lesson learned
To lose the one you think you love
As my feelings for you have turned
It's a blessing from above
The cold, silence of my home
The still of the night
Even though I'm now alone
It's beginning to feel right
What might've been and could've
Is all I think of now
Should've been and would've
And the regret of "somehow"
Somehow I've made it past you
Somehow I've been strong
Somehow I knew it was something I could do
Somehow I knew it all along.