Friday, March 09, 2007

In His Tears

One tear hits the hardwood; it shatters like glass
A shot of whiskey sits; medicine for the pain
Another shattered heart; he feels like such an ass
The drink isn't working; her memory remains.

He stumbles to the sink; slowly pours it down the drain
A box of photographs on the table; constant reminders
She should be here today; he knows he is to blame
If only he could get past this; like some sort of blinder

He slams a fist into the wall; then screams out
He's staring at the phone; damn it why won't it ring
He hears her voice; knowing its his heart full of doubt
If only she was here; because seeing is believing

A swerving car jerks him back; it's reality once more
Her sweet voice whispers; she knows she's gone
The cemetery shines; a haven and heaven's door
Restless sleep seeing her; he prays for the dawn

A screen door slams in the wind; a car pulls into the drive
Cool wind rushes over him; suddenly she's standing there
She whispers in his ear, "I love you."; he believes she is alive
But in his mind he wonders; is this reality or a terrible nightmare?

He can smell her perfume; her face he can feel
She's in his arms; but for how long
It's an illusion he's certain, but damn it seems so real
Something seems out of place; he knows she doesn't belong

Tossing and turning; he awakes with no breath and a sharp pain
He smells like her; her lipstick is on his face
Suddenly it hits him; he's visited her on an astrological plane
Their love was true and real; nobody will ever take her place

Matters of the heart, so simple yet complicated
She's been gone for a while; going on twenty years
He's prayed for this moment; he's waited and waited
She knew he needed her; she could see it in his tears

She's watched over him since the day; he'd always managed so well
These past few years have taken their toll; they'll be together soon
His drinking has gotten bad; especially since he last fell
She's come to take him with her; once restless night in June.