Friday, August 11, 2006

Step-Mommy Needs a Day Off

The kids have been home since Wednesday evening, along with Peter. At first, I was extremely happy to see them, and I missed the hell outta all three of them. After all, they are adorable. BUT that wore off quicker than cheap perfume on a hooker. I am SO ready for a day off, I'm about to pull my hair out. My feet hurt, my head is pounding (not sure if that is from the kids or the beers!) and I wanna scream. We usually only have the kids on the weekend, and that's all fine and dandy, but some issues have come up with their "mother" (imagine that) and we will have them for the next week. They will go to their Mother's on Saturday morning and we'll pick them up Sunday evening. She is having some kind of problem with some sort of shit, that the kids can't stay at the house, so it would be "a tremendous help to her if we could keep them for the week", her words, not mine. Fine, we're not going to tell her No. They are our kids for God's sake, but at the same time, she gets to run around for the last two weeks, no kids and responsibility free while we, ok I, get up at seven every morning do breakfast, clothes, hair, and teeth and then school. We must've shopped for 3 hours today for freakin' school supplies. I'm not regretting what I've got myself into AT ALL...I love the kids like they were my own, and I love Peter just as much. It is just going to be a rough road for the next couple of months. So, for tonight...the kids have been detoured to Peter for all their wants and needs, I've grabbed a beer, and I'm heading to the ONE spot in this house the kids are NOT ALLOWED...yep, you guessed it....that picture right there! Don't call me, cause I'm officially off duty for the evening.

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