Sunday, September 17, 2006

For The Children That Won't Come Home Tonight

So, here I am last night checking Myspace (No honey, I'm not addicted) when I noticed a bulletin that another friend had posted. I clicked on it and it was for an Amber Alert about a 7 day old baby girl that had been abducted from the hospital by a "nurse". I clicked on the link following the picture and in a matter of seconds was redirected to the website for Missing and Exploited Children. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am in love with all children. Children are like a magnet to me and I love being around them. I got curious as to just how many children were missing from in and around my part of Houston and came across millions of flyers, websites, advertisements and other links for missing children. Some, just as young as the little baby girl that had started my curious little mind wandering. So, in effort to ease my mind and emotions, I did the only possible thing I could do to help these parents and these organizations, I clicked the "Contribute Here" button and made a hefty little donation. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children helps find missing children and return them safely to their parents everyday with the help of other individuals, just like myself, whose curiousity is turned on by a simple bulletin on another website not even directly connected with them. Now, I know we can't just pack up and head out on a child huntin' spree, but we can contribute to these wonderful organizations that have the man-power and the resources to do just that. At the bottom of this post is a link to the same organization that I contributed to, and I ask all of you with children to do the same. I know we all have bills to pay and our own children to feed, clothe, and support, but ask yourself "What if my child was missing?" I know you would want the same support that this organization offers. So, even if it's just one dollar or five, it's the little things that count! God bless the children that have been ripped from their families and help return them home safe.

Here is the link that I was talking about, just click it and I'll leave the rest to you!

Do you or someone you know have someone that's missing? The site that will help you is

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