Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids Will Be Kids

If you wanna know what's wrong with the children of the world today, take a good hard look at their parents. I'm not talking about the occasional 3 year old in the grocery store screaming for a pop-tart; No, I'm referring to the "thugs" and "gangsters" that seem to never have anything better to do with their time than loiter. Usually disrespectful and almost always underage, their language is horrible, pants falling around their ankles, and generally wouldn't know how to form a proper sentence. Since when is, "Yo, what up, dawg!" a proper greeting? Where the hell are their parents? I'm not by any means a perfect parent or any kind of expert on the issue, but I damn sure know my child won't be loitering at the local gas station or Wal-Mart at all hours of the night. I've seen some people blame the general lack of respect on rap music, the latest movies, and the ever-present sensationlized video gaming industy. I enjoy some Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty every once in a while and I seem to be able to form proper sentences, wear clothes that fit (minus some cleavage) and respect my elders. I'm pretty much convinced these wayward kids have never had a good ole fashioned ass-whipping. Now, don't start beating your kids with wooden spoons yet. (That was my Mom's weapon of choice) These days, you simply can't spank your child in public, let them bounce around in the backseat without a seatbelt, or leave them home alone while you earn a living. The world as we know it has rapidly grown more violent and unpredictable. Should we blame the economy or President? How about, we blame ourselves. Quit having children you cannot afford. Quit expecting the government to provide for your family. Get off your ass and get a job (McDonald's hires almost anyone) Those kids that you do have, take the damn cellphone out of their hand, the game controllers too, and spend some freaking quality time with them. Go to the park, take them fishing, or fly a damn kite. It takes a very involved parent to raise a respectful, productive member of society. Now, we can argue socioeconomical issues all day. The fact is, you have to be willing to rise above the prejudices and work your ass off to get ahead. This is true for ANY member of every race and class. These "thugs" and "gangsters" are nothing but bored children dying for attention from their parents. Does it really take that much effort to sit down and talk to your child for 20 minutes a day? Didn't think so.

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