Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mr. Jones....

your views are being forced down my throat now. I in no way believe that I try and force my beliefs or opinions on anyone else. Or is that just another one of my opinions there? I think I do well with listening to others and seeing where they are coming from. Its others who believe something and think that's the only right way, that I don't agree with. I'm not at all "this is how it is and how its going to be". I am very considerate of others views, and that's probably what gets me so stressed out. I spend too much time trying to help others with they're problems and be there for them, that I don't have time to deal with mine. I am too compassionate at times with other people, and that's how I get hurt. I guess it doesn't matter what I say here because someone will come on and say that it's not true or I shouldn't do that or this...well I'm not you! I'm not going to do the things you do or say it how you say it, or live like you live. Because if I did, I would be one miserable, unhappy, negative, self-diagnosed lunatic; who spent all my time trying to bring people down and knock them off their "happy horse"! Mr. Jones, you officially suck!

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