Monday, October 10, 2005

The Past Rears its Ugly Head

So, here I am thinking that me and Past are finally through. I've been doing good, haven't talked to him in almost 3 weeks and just when things start to look up.....he calls. I had stayed out until 4 a.m. the night before, so when I answered the phone I was a little hoarse and grouchy. Here's the rest;
Past: "Meghan?" "Are you there?"
Me: "Uhh huuh...."
Past: " What the hell is wrong with you?"
Me:"I didn't get home until four this morning and on top on that, I'm sick....I thought you hated me...."
Past:"I do, don't you hate me too?"
Me:"Your damn right, hold on so I can light my cigarette."
Past:"Smoking isn't good for you."
Me:"Neither is waking me up before I want to be awake."
Past:"I though it'd be safe since I'm on the phone...."
Me:"Did you need something or did you just call to harass me?"
Me:"What do you want?"
Past:"How was Cancun?"
Me:"Great, cause you weren't there harassing me!"
Past:"Do you remember the password to my e-mail account?"
Me:"Yea, its ******** can you not remember that?"
Past:"Thats kind of obvious isn't it?"
Me:"Yea, just a little. Is that all you needed?"
Past:"Come over here and bring the Cancun pictures..."
Me:"I'm sleepy, and you can come over here."
Past:"Get your lazy ass up, I can't leave I'm watching Brenton."
Me:"You have to babysit your own son?"
Past:"Don't start, are you coming or not?"
Me:"I'm breathing hard and sweating but I'm not coming yet...."
Past:"Your still a comedian I see."
Me:"Some things never change. Give me 20 minutes and I'll be there."
Past:"You better hurry your little ass up."
Me:"And if I don't? What are you going to do? Move out? Break up with me? haha your still funny too"
Past:"Bye Meghan."
Me:"Whatever Josh."
Past:"You know you love me."
Me:"I know I'd love to choke you for waking me up."
Past:"I'm important though..."
Me:"No, you WERE important, now your just impotent!"
Past:"Still got jokes, huh......"
Me:"I'm getting off the phone, and I will be there to strangle you in a minute."
Past:"Later hater..."
Me:"After while Mr. Denial...hhaha
He's right, some things never change, and our love/hate relationship is one of them. Its the only thing I can count on to always be there in my life, no matter how dysfunctional it is!

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