Thursday, July 20, 2006

April 26, 2006

As I sit here watching on of those sappy-ass-why-me Lifetime movies that we all seem to be stuck on from time to time, I began to wonder what exactly love is. Is love necessarily limited to one man and one woman? Is it limited to one certain race? Does love exsist outside of this planet? Is love ultimately bound by the human race? I've heard of love hurting, and I've experienced enough for all of us, but what exactly is that drive, the need, the want for love? For companionship, the trust that we so desperately seek out from the opposite sex? Time after time we get hurt, yet we pick ourselves up and eventually start searching for the next suitor. Maybe its the never-ending, ever-present need to be needed, want to be wanted, and the hope that someone else out there in this very same spherical world, somebody is searching for the same, exact characteristics in a person. We invest great time and effort into one person when we feel such a person is worthy of that time and energy. We give one hundred percent of ourselves, and our heart, trust and loyalty; in return, we expect the same. When those feelings are returned, that connection is one of the most magical and happiest times in ones life. More often than not, two people hardly ever have that moment and get to share it forever.

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