Thursday, July 20, 2006

Smile, Eventhough Your Heart is Breaking

The pleading of a heart
The passing of a car
I remember why we're apart
And why you are the way you are

A truck that looks like yours
Something clicks in my head
As I walk through my front door
I'm suddenly filled with dread

The constant screaming match
Phones slammed into walls
Just like an itch I can't scratch
I feel tossed aside like a ragdoll

We all drink to forget
Some of us more that most
When the reality of life sets in
And the fires of hell feel too close

Wanting someone to listen more than anything
Needing a reassuring touch
Scream out loud, someone's listening
Eventhough it doesn't seem like much

Feeling at your wits end
Just wanting to sleep
Some people just don't blend
It's not a reason to weep

Pick your head up and smile
Tomorrow is full of promise
Everything is worthwhile
Even if it's not full of bliss.

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