Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blame It on Mexico.....

When you live in Little Mexico, as I do, sleep and quiet times are few and far between. I've been living in my cozy little apartment for almost a year now. When I first moved in, I loved it. I had no neighbors on either side of me, and the ones below me were hardly ever home. Ever since hurricane Katrina came through, I've been living in Mexican talkin, arguing all night long, heathen ass kids with no apparent bedtimes, and pure Spanish hell. For the last 4 months, I cannot recall one night where I haven't had to call the cops for blaring music, screaming kids at midnight during the week, spousal abuse, you name it, and their doing it. The cops that came out last night for the spousal abuse, arrested the husband. He, for the last 2 and a half hours, had been screaming at the top of his Mexican lungs "NOOOO ELENA!!!" Apparently, she wanted to leave with the kids, and he wouldn't let her. Man, give it up and let the woman go. After the cops left, it was silence for the next 3 minutes. Then my phone rings, and it's Eddie. I love talking to Eddie, he can always calm me down and bring my back to normal, if there is such a thing. Everytime we get off the phone I feel relieved and ready to fall asleep. We talked for about an hour about other people's habits, and doings, and kids, and the usual stuff, then got off the phone so he could get back to work and I could try and get some much needed sleep. I laid down, almost to sleep and I hear "Jesus, take the wheel; take it from my hands, cause I can't do this on my own...." It's my cell phone letting me know that just one more person wants to interrupt my sleep tonight. I answer it, I talk, I hang it up, I call the cat back to bed, because she's jumped up and ran off when the phone scared the bejesus out of both of us, and together we curl up, purring and fall asleep. No dreams tonight, just deep, relaxing sleep. I remember not a another thing until 4:30 this morning when I hear the constant BEEP BEEP BEEP of my alarm clock. Fine, evil sleep-monster, you win another night of this constant battle for sleep. When do I get to sleep again? When can I lay down and fall asleep with no screaming, no cops, no celly ring ring in my ear? I might as well have 4 newborns in the house..........ha yea right. Here starts another day of sleepy working and endless yawning. One of these days I'm going to get that sleep, it's just a matter of time now!!!

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