Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Phone Call from the Past

After dealing with PastGirlfriend all day Sunday, I figured I was in the clear for another couple months or so. WRONG! About midnight last night I get a call from Past. Now, seeing how I dated him for almost 3 years, he more than anyone, should know that I do not like to be interrupted while I'm sleeping. Apparently, when your drunk or high, you have no concept of time. I was woke up by "I'd give you a ring, and promise you things I always thought we'd do" what an appropriate song, it's Best of Intentions and it just happens to be Past's ringtone.
Past:"Why did you tell her that I called you while I was in Huntsville?"
Me:Hello, who is this?"
Past:"You know who this is..."
Me:"Listen mother fucker, if I knew who the hell was calling and waking me up at midnight I damn sure wouldn't have asked 'who is this' again."
Past:"It's Josh."
Me:"I'm sleeping, I have to get up in 4 hours to go to work! I know you don't know what that means or grasp the concept of a job, but I do."
**I hung up on him and not two minutes later he calls back**
Past:"Answer my question Meghan"
Me:"You can't tell me what to do anymore. If you didn't want her to find out, then you shouldn't have called me. Since your "engaged" now, it's only best for the marriage that I tell her everything you do when she's not around."
Past:"Your screwing my relationship up."
Me:"What relationship? If all it takes is me calling and telling her some bullshit story to get her to dump your sorry ass, that's not a very strong and trusting relationship. Once again, I'm sleeping tell that bitch to quit calling me, because I DO NOT call her anymore, ya'll seem to make it a habit when the other's not around to call me and get shit started. Geez, Josh at least I trusted your stupid ass enough to let you go pee by yourself."
PastGirlfriend(in the background) "I'm not going to quit calling you"
Me:"Tell that skank ass whore of a girlfriend that you have if she calls me one more time, I'm filing harassment charges on both of you. I've told ya'll repeatedly to leave me out of your screwed up, no job having, drug addicted, lives. If you think your Mother won't back me on this 100% try me."
Past(yelling at the whore)" Shut up Heather, she isn't talking to you."
Me:"Put me on speaker phone."
Past:"You are, that's how she heard you."
Me:"Good, then I hope she's listening when I that this is the last god damned warning I will give either of you. Quit calling me when ya'll get fucked up and pissed off at each other, because I could care less about what's happening or why she kicked you out again. Your both on probation and if you think I won't call your probation officers, try me."
Past:"I just don't understand why you feel the need to tell her everytime I call you."
Me:"Did ya hear that tramp? He just admitted to calling me. This is the man that you want to marry!" "Good luck to both of you, I'm getting off the phone because you both are a waste of my time and life space all together."
**After I hung up this time, he didn't call back; but I did get a nice text message that said
"If you want us back together, you have to quit telling her everything." So, I did what any ex girlfriend that is trying her hardest to stay away from her ex, I forwarded to his girlfriend. I'm sure she'll want to marry him now. He honestly makes me sick, we have been going through this crap for the last 8 months and I'm sick of it. I don't call them, and they should not call me. Everytime they get drunk or high, they feel the need to call and start shit. Acting like I care about them or what's going on now. If I really wanted to get back at him, I could; but I'm not going to stoop to his level and act like a child.


Marilyn said...

He really is stupid. Was he always this stupid, or is there damage from the drug use?

LoveMeHell said...

I'm betting on both! Chalk this one up to "love" hahahah