Friday, December 09, 2005


One of the many perks of my job is that I have to have direct deposit. It's mandatory, it's in the company handbook.....blah blah blah. Well, knowing me any my rebellious self, I just had to go against that. I filled out the paperwork to stop the direct depositing of MY money, so set forth the wheels a turning. Human resources kindly informed me, that it usually takes 2 pay periods to stop the depositing, and I was going to need to write a letter explaining why I didn't want it deposited. After all, it IS company policy, and it IS in the employee handbook, and it IS a big NO NO. I write the letter, take it down to Human resources, then they inform me that the President of our company has to sign off on it. I'm thinking "God, here we go. It's my money, I worked for it, why can't I decide where it goes." I get to his office and....
Me:"Knock, Knock Bob."
Bob:"Hey Meghan, what can I help you with?"
Me:"Human resources chick said that you had to sign off on this."
Bob:"Let me see what you have there."
(I hand him the letter, he reads, he looks up at me....)
Bob:Well, Meghan, are you sure you want to do this?"
Me:"Yes sir, I don't use the account other than to pay one bill."
Bob:"What can I do to stop this?"
Me:(smiling from ear to ear)"You can give me a raise and I'll direct deposit it all day long."

Bob:(he's laughing and grabbing a pen) "No, I'll sign it."
Me(thinking what a tight ass, I know if I was the President of a company and my employees wanted a raise, I'd give it to them) "Thank you."
Bob:"Your welcome, Meghan."
*~* It was well worth a shot, but in the end, I rebelled again and I won!!!! Hoo-Ride for Me!

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