Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Best Advice Is Always Free

It is a torture to have an attachment to an impossiblity...because love is never enough...especially in a relationship that brings out the worst in us, because such relationships don't improve over time...just the opposite. Yeah, it is supremely frustrating to put your life on hold for the possiblity that things just might turn out the way we wish them to turn out...and in the meantime, we dismiss other possiblities which are just as real. Love and fear are the two things that make us do what we do, to take the chances that we take, but yeah, if only we could know what exactly the future holds...it would be so much easier...yes? But seldom is the "future of our fears greater than the future of our reality".

-this came straight from a friend here at work, if he only knew how right he was, or how much I appreciated the advice! Thanks Tom, you truly are the greatest, and probably the only man on the face of this earth that I can honestly stand to look at right now......
-the kitty in the cap-

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