Saturday, September 17, 2005

Over and Over Again

And Past said he'd never call me again.....WRONG! I spoke to him a week ago yesterday, and he informed me that we'd never talk to each other again. He's a liar. He called last night starting about 8:00 and didn't quit until 11:00! He called me 26 times over a period of one hour. He kept repeating the same shit about how we're not talking anymore, he doesn't want to see me, he hates me. You know the usual. Well, for someone that hates me, he sure calls an awful lot. Here's how the last conversation went; keep in mind this was the 26th time he had called in 1 hour...
(phone rings......)
Me: "What do you want now, jackass?"
Past:"I just wanted you to know that this is the LAST time I will call you, e-mail you, see you, anything. I'm done. We need to agree to go our seperate ways and let it at that."
Me:"We don't have to agree to shit, if thats what you want, then do it. Your not bothering me. Your just pissing me off because I'm trying to drink a beer and you keep interrupting it."
Past:"Why couldn't you drink when I was with you."
Me:"I didn't have time. I was too busy worried about you overdosing or starting shit with someone else."
Past:"That's true."
Me:"I thought you weren't talking to me anymore."
Past:"Do you want me to hang up?"
Me:"Who am I to stop you? You quit caring what I wanted a long time ago." You can't handle the fact that I finally got smart enough to see that we'll never work out and your grasping at straws and trying to get me to tell you that I love you and want you back. You'd be better off to keep grasping because I'm not saying it. You in no way affect my life anymore. You're dead to me."
I don't hate you, because you can't hate someone thats dead."
Past:"Fine, do what you want."
Me:"I do."
Past:"Goodbye Meghan, have a good night and a happy birthday."
Me:"Don't worry about my night or my birthday."
Past:"I don't want to see you in my dreams, I don't want to miss you, I don't want to think about you. Nothing, we're done."
Me:"I have no control over those things. If thats what you want, then find something to occupy your mind so your not thinking of me." I did, and it works. I haven't thought about you in weeks, until you called now and pissed me off. Now all I can think about is different ways to kill you and get away with it."
Past:"Your awful and evil."
Me:"I am what you made me. You gave me every reason to hate you and to not see you ever again." I want you to hang up the phone and forget that I ever existed in your sorry life."
Past:"My life wasn't sorry when you were in it....."
Me:"Chaulk it up to lessons learned. You made your bed, now die in it."
Past:"(laughing) Your such an evil bitch!"
Past:"Shouldn't you be calling me Future?"
Me:"haha you wish mother fucker"
*-*He waits about 2 minutes and calls back, I picked up the phone and told him to fuck off and then hung up again. I then turned my phone off, and when I turned it on this morning, had 15 voicemails. The same shit; he hates me, he doesn't want to see me, why am I not answering the phone; I should go to hell; blah blah blah
Thats true love right there people. I have now seen it all. If you can hate someone with so much passion and have the same amount of love for them, thats TRUE LOVE. I don't love him as much as I thought I did, and it gets easier everyday to not think of him or want to see him. HE is jealous because I moved on and now he knows that things will never be the same. Like I told him before; he chose to do the things he did and now he can deal with it.

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