Friday, September 09, 2005

If Only...

If only memories could build a stairway and wishes could build a lane, I'd walk right up to my dreams and bring you home again. If only tears could make a dream come true and thoughts were heard out loud, I'd be standing here with you and not feeling lost in a crowd. If only my life wasn't flipped upside down and my mouth could shut really tight; My heart wouldn't be ripped apart on the ground and my whole world would be just right. If only my world was right, and I had you back in my life; I'd be holding on tight, because you promised I'd be your wife. If only I was your wife and my world was right; I wouldn't feel so lost in life, I wouldn't be missing you tonight. If only all the "if onlys" in the world came true and my world was in perfect sync; I would be spending time loving you, instead of searching for the missing link.

I love you, Buddah!
*-*-the Penguin*-*-

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