Tuesday, November 22, 2005

50 Things About Me

  1. I have uneven ears.
  2. I'm deathly afraid of cemetaries.
  3. I still sleep with a night-light.
  4. I want my Mommy when I'm sick.
  5. Sometimes I scream for no reason.
  6. My cat hates me.
  7. My friends think I'm completly nuts, but so are they!
  8. I cried when I moved out on my own.
  9. I write poetry.
  10. My favorite color is pink.
  11. I'm afraid of falling absolutely, completely, and utterly in love.
  12. I hate being alone.
  13. I can cry on command.(comes in handy when dealing with the ex).
  14. I live in complete chaos, because I wouldn't have it any other way.
  15. I'm unpredictable
  16. I'm unstable
  17. I'm a force to be reckoned with
  18. I'm only 5'0
  19. I still fit in my 12 year old brother's shoes
  20. I can't stand my family for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  21. I've fantisized about killing someone with a stilletto shoe.
  22. I still wonder whether God is real or not.
  23. I refuse to believe that the virgin Mary is a "virgin"
  24. I believe in following your dreams(unless they're deadly)
  25. I can't tell you my natural hair color anymore, I have to refer to pictures.
  26. I've been to Cancun
  27. My little brother looks exactly like me
  28. I wish on falling stars
  29. I once laughed so hard I made myself puke
  30. I laugh out loud at random times, for nothing in particular
  31. I'm a self-diagnosed lunatic
  32. I will kill deer, just not any other animal, because anything else is just cruel
  33. I don't have a birthmark
  34. I can mimick any foreigner (especially Chinese, Vietnemese, or any other "ese")
  35. I hate my evil "step-thing" (Dad's new thing)
  36. I get really loud and funny when I'm drinking
  37. I can dance to anything on the radio
  38. My car is a disaster area because I refuse to clean it
  39. My house smells like warm vanilla sugar and cinnamon buns
  40. I smoke all day long
  41. I need music and a notebook to get me out of a bad mood
  42. When I'm sad I eat starbursts and write in my journal
  43. I cry when I feel I've let myself down
  44. I hate my last name
  45. My cell phone is my life-line
  46. I dip Nestle Crunch bars in my hot chocolate
  47. I still drink apple juice every night before bed
  48. My bathroom is done in rubber duckies
  49. I don't have one friend below the age of 23
  50. Before I die, I will visit Paris

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Marilyn said...

do you see a problem with 13 and 27?