Monday, November 28, 2005

Real Friends Stab You in The Front

In the past couple of months, I find myself trying harder and harder to forget the "Past" part of my life. When I think about the last 2 years, I get sad. I remember everything I gave up, I let go, I pissed away, for someone that I thought would always do the same for me, little did I know that he was just another dead end road paved with pretty lies and broken dreams. I believe I've gone a damn good job of "forgetting", but it never fails; everytime I think I've done my best to let go and forgive, someone comes along and drags it all up again. This time the "someone" was a so-called friend that happened to sleep with Past while we were together. She sends me an e-mail out of the blue apologizing for what she did, and saying shit like "I know you never deserved all that I did to you" and "I know your too good for Josh"....well for someone that fucked me over royally, she sure knows a lot. She goes on to say that she wants us to be friends again and she gives me her number and tells me to call. I, being the bigger person, replied to her message and politely (as polite as I could get talking to someone that slept with my ex) told her that I didn't think we would ever be friends again, and I couldn't be friends with someone that I trusted and they screwed me over. I wished her luck, and told her I hoped she never had to go through what I did with Past. Well, the bitch just doesn't seem to get the point, she e-mailed me again and told me what she "heard" about my and Pasts' relationship:
1.He was addicted to meth/anything you put in front of his nose
2.He was controlling
3.He cheated on me on a regular basis
4. He was abusive both physically and mentally
5. I wasn't allowed out without him

Whoever is telling her this crap, which I'm guessing is Past's friend whom she slept with too, told her mostly true things, other than number 3. Yes, he did cheat on me but it wasn't on a regular basis. I sent her another email and told her that if she wanted to read all the happenings of mine and Pasts' relationship, and get the truth, she could visit my website. Am I wrong for not wanting to be "friends" with someone that slept with my ex while we were very much together, and that I couldn't trust from the beginning? No, didn't think so. I'm very happy with my life now, and she represents a part of my life that I try harder and harder to forget everyday. I don't want to be associated with anyone that I used to hang out with in that crowd and I damn sure don't want to talk to anyone that still associates with Past. I had a run-in with Past last night. He was at my apartment complex, talking to a friend, but strangely parked in front of my house. I was with another friend, who happens to be in the male species. Well, true to "Past form" he got a little hurt and I had all the satisfaction in the world knowing that it was killing him to see me get in some other guys vehicle, laughing, and drive-off. Its times like those when I wish I had a camera. He still has a girlfriend, and I still don't want him back, so he can get off whatever stalker trip he's on and get over himself, because he's really not all he's cracked up to be. I hope when the so called "friend" reads this, she prints it out and shows it to him. How funny is that? Why in hell would I want to be friends with someone like her? She's a lying, manipulative, front-stabbing, homewrecker. I don't blame her entirely for sleeping with him, because it was apparently her life long fantasy, but was it what you always expected? HELL NO!!! haha Past is pretty much "short" if you know what I mean, and I know she got nothing out of it, so really, I could care less. Now, if I can get her to stop e-mailing me, we'll be doing even better than before......


Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

A friend of mine (since 2nd grade) slept with a boyfriend of mine while we were all 3 living together. I didn't even find out until a mutual friend said something about it over a year later while I was pregnant. She thought I knew. I was furious and hurt and then worked through it and got the hell over it. Took a bit. The girl hid for a while, though I didn't search for her at all. I see how someone can be afraid of me. For years she has been saying that I should get over it and be friends with her again. I am over it, but have no use for her. She would just do similar things in the future. Or not. Doesn't matter. I have no use for her. People that love me don't do things to hurt me. When they do, I cut them out like a cancer. Turns out the reason she did it is because she heard us having sex and said it sounded like I was really enjoying myself.Nevermind that she had a boyfriend at the time (they are now married, miserable and breeding)
Your "friend" should just take this as a learning/ growing experience and hopefully never do something so ugly to someone again. You feel free to continue moving right the hell on and only keep close the people who can rise above opportunities to screw you over.

LoveMeHell said...

I have no use for someone that called themselves a "friend" and then slept with my boyfriend. I hope she realizes how much she hurt me and I hope she never has to go through that. I'm so glad that I am surrounded by true friends that would never do something like that, and would never make me second guess them or their intentions with any boyfriend of mine. She has a lot of growing up to do, and I won't be around for any of it. I don't blame her entirely, it was his fault too, but their both in the same boat of "immature loser" if you ask me.