Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chunk Muffin: Take 2

The stories of the younger brother continue. It seems, that the baby brother is more like his big sister than he realizes. He's cute, he's little, and he can't, for the life of him, shut his mouth. I'm at Mom's again, when I see another "To the Parents Of" letter on the table. I immediately knew which sibling it was for. My mom says "Don't open it, cause your not blogging it." I, being the good child I am, open it. It seems this time the baby brother was talking crap to the teacher. Here goes:
The letter:"Tyler would not follow instructions, when I told him to sit down and get his work out, instead he started rummaging through the stuff on my desk and ignored me. I told him again to sit down, and he looked at me and said:
Tyler:"Your crazy!"
The Letter:"and then sat down and started working on the sucker.
I shit you not, the write up says: "he sat down and started working on the sucker."
Ok, I'm not sure which or what sucker the teacher is talking about, but knowing my little brother, it's a piece of candy he stole while rummaging through her desk. So, I'm sure tonight I'll have to find out why he was going through her desk and exactly what "sucker" she is talking about. He had ALC (alternative learning center), which is basically in school suspenion, yesterday for the "chunk muffin" comment. I'm sure he'll be back in there again for pilaging the desk and stealing suckers. Jesus, what is this world coming to? I can only imagine what will happen when he gets into high school. Here's to Tyler, may you never realize where you get your attitude and smart mouth from........


HerMom said...

Since you seem to think that he's so damn funny, let's move him in with you and then you can be responsible for him!! Let's see how you like getting a call from the school principle on a daily basis. What happened to my sweet litte pookie and who is this demon-child that's taken his place?!!

LoveMeHell said...

BEAT HIS ASS!! Joey and I got spanked on a daily basis. If Tyler and Danica got HALF the punishment we did, they wouldn't act the way they do. I don't want to hear any bullshit about it being Larry's fault. The fault is on you both. Quit going to Tom's every god damned day of the week and stay home and get involved with them. If Tom doesn't like it, tell him to pack his Tupperware and hit the road. Your children should ALWAYS come first. They already have one parent that's a fuck up, let's not throw another one in there. Their behavior stems from BOTH PARENTS.

HerMom said...

I never said it was Larry's fault...I never said it was anyone's fault for that matter. I DON'T go to Tom's every day of the week and you know that. My kids have ALWAYS come first in my life since the day they were born!! You know that as well.......I can't believe you would say something like this especially here for everyone else to see......I guess it's true what they say...."there's a first time for everything" . This is the first time that I've EVER been disappointed in you!