Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Whores Are Stupid........

From: racheal
To: Meghan Lyons
Subject: RE: i dont want bad luck (too late)
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005
i know you dont ever want to hear from me but i am sorry to hear what happened to you. and i apologize for ever hurting you. you are a good person and you didnt deserve that. i could never prove to you how sorry i really am. i hope you continue to better youself in all ways including losing him, as much as it may have hurt you are too good for him and you never should have had to deal with any of that crap. once again i really am sorry. if you ever decide to change your mind about giving me another chance at friendship give me a call at (number deleted by blog administrator, for the sake of being the bigger person) i dont expect your but i do hope for it daily. good luck and goodbye

racheal megan mcdaniel

I'd really like to know what you think "happened to me" because I'm sure whatever you've heard isn't the truth. I kicked Josh out 6 months ago because he wouldn't get a job and was addicted to coke. Josh and I are still friends and are on good terms with one another...I still talk to his family and him on a regular basis. I know about the times he cheated on me and we've dealt with that. I'm totally fine with the way things turned out between us and in no way hurt about it. I'd like to hear what you've heard though.
** see, I wasn't near as mean as I could have been....

I was told that he did you really wrong somehow and was addicted to meth. he was supposedly really controlling and cheated on you on a regular basis. you knew about it but he wouldnt let you leave or something well whatever happened i am glad you didnt get hurt from all of it and i wish you the best. i am sorry for all i ever did to you and hope you will forgive me. you will always be one of the best friends i ever had. i am living back at my moms now because the army kicked me out. i spent 5 months in basic training and it made me grow up and realize all i have done. i dont have a phone hear but i usually find a phone to use at some point during the day. if you dont hate me too bad then give me a number and we could atleast talk even if it is just to hear what i have heard although i would rather it be for some type of friendship. e-mail me back if you get the chance. see ya later

racheal megan

He was addicted to meth, he was controlling, he was NOT cheating on me on a regular basis, all though he did cheat on me with YOU, sarah, and another Megan. I have no harsh feelings towards him or anyone else that he associates with. I don't want to drag up everything about josh and I that I have worked so hard for the last 6 months to put behind me. He really hurt me and it still hurts to this day, but I've come a long way in not letting him bother me anymore. I hope you can understand what I mean when I say that there will never be a "friendship" between us again. You represent a part of my life that I try harder and harder everyday to forget. You, Josh, and anyone else that I used to talk to from that crowd are apart of my past, and I don't want to keep bringing it up. I couldn't ever look at you the same way, knowing that you royally fucked me over. I'm doing good now, I have my own house, I have a great job, and a brand new car, and I am very happy, just know that I have no hard feelings towards you or your sister, but I can't be around someone that fucked me over or was associated with the "josh" part of my life. All that is over now, and I don't want to remember it everytime I look at a "friend". Good luck in life and all you do.


** once again, I could have been really really mean! The bitch slept with my boyfriend!

you have only heard one side of the story and this will be the last e-mail if that is what you wish. yes i sleep with josh not while you were together i told him to get back with you. i did not sleep with any of his friends so i am lost on that one. i did kiss chris and i did kiss jd i did not sleep with any of his friends. he broke up with you on his own and that was when we slept together. he said you guys were totally through and after his short comings i told him to get back with you. i dont want anything to do with him. i dont remember what all the rest of that said but i am very for you and your knew life i am glad you could rise above it all. goodbye

racheal megan

so just because she slept with him and he didn't measure up to her whore ass expectations, she sent him back to me, because God knows it was that decision right there that would have made or broke mine and Past's relationship. Who are you kidding bitch? You were just another notch on his belt, at least I got almost 3 years out of him! Ha, you got 2.5 min!


AmyLee said...

Don't ever forget where you came from, because if you forget, you are likely to go back. True friends don't do that kind of stuff to each other, that's a given. Together or not together shouldn't matter, what should is respect.

Marilyn said...

I personally think that you should remove her number. All of us have made at some point a really poor choice and have to apologize for it. I obviously by my comment yesterday don't think that she should be welcomed back with open arms or anything, but think about something shitty you might have done at some point and having your phone number posted online with an invite to spam it as punishment...while you are struggling to make amends.

just my two cents.

LoveMeHell said...

Ok, I'll take her number down, but she will never be considered a "friend" again. I refuse to talk, listen,e-mail, or have any other form of communication with her. I will remove the number from my site, and let her wallow in her own guilt and retardedness......is that a word? It is now.....