Friday, November 18, 2005

Life Goes On and On and On and On......

you get the picture. No matter how we live, love, or lose, life continues to go on. We're all the soap in the bottom of the bath tub. We slip and slid around, trying not to get stepped on, we gather a film, kind of a "shell", and the one day someone who loves us more than anything in the world, picks us up and rinses us off. From that day forward, we aren't just soap in the bottom of the bath tub anymore. Granted, we're still being used and abused and left to gather film, but we don't get dropped and forgotten and left to wash down the drain. We're perched on a shelf, and well taken care of, until we wash away and are all used up. By the "used up" time in our lives, most of us are old, gray, and wrinkled. We've done just about all we wanted to in life, and have lots to show for it.

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