Thursday, September 08, 2005

To Hell and Back In One Week

For many of the people in Louisana, Hurrican Katrina has devasted thousands of lives and families all across the state. Those who were unable to get out of her path were either left stranded, drowned, or without other family members. Houston has been a big factor in housing and helping to support those who were able to flee, and those who caught a bus over. The Astrodome has been turned into a shelter, as well as the George R. Brown Convention Center. Well, this creates a huge problem for me. I work 3 blocks from the convention center and many of these evacuees are here robbing, raping, and pillaging our village in which we work. I completely understand the need for these families to be here and try and start over after the hurricane, but why on god's green earth would they come over here and starting robbing people, raping other evacuees, and stealing from those who are trying to help. Houston picked the scummiest, dirtiest, most god-awful people to help out. Leave it to us! Downtown Houston was already a favorite spot for many homeless people, but now that we've added 120,000 people to that, its just unreal. Walking from my parking garage is no longer safe, nor is it anywhere else downtown. We've taken these people in, housed, fed, and given them everything we possibly can to try and help them recover and start over and what do they do? They throw it in our face and say "Fuck it, I was homeless in New Orleans, I'll be homeless here, too.!" We're giving them homes, which by the way is fucked off! Many people who have lived here they're whole life have been unable to get homes, jobs, or any other kind of help from the government. But hey, if your homeless in N.O. we'll give you a house in Houston. What kind of message is that sending to the people who were smart enough to get the fuck out of Louisana? The families here, that are actually trying to start over, should be helped first and foremost. Screw the homeless. Everyone has a choice. You don't HAVE to be homeless. Get off your lazy asses, get a job and do something. Nobody is going to take you off the street and give you a house, car, job, or money. Well, unless you were too stupid to get out of New Orleans and were homeless before, come to Houston, we'll help you out. Houston: Helping One Homeless After the Other and Shitting on The Rest of The Hardworking People Who Need It the Most!! Kinda makes you want to come visit, doesn't it?


HerMom said...

Meghan,some of those people really are needy and are deserving of our help. Don't let the handful of ungrateful assholes close your eyes to those who need your compassion.

Mommy Meg said...

I haven't! Did you miss the part where I said that I knew most of the people do need our help?